Workshop on Projective Cards by Vassia Sarantopoulou

Workshop on Projective Cards

Starts Nov 17, 2020 at 11:00 AM CET

For individual, family and group therapists, coaches, counselors, group facilitators and educational psychologists

Cards, the therapeutic catalyst

Here's a tool that will transform your relationship with your clients

and an exciting addition to your professional tool box.

The Power of Image

The cards can: 
  • promote the healthy expression of feelings & thoughts 
  • make decisions on important life events (career, relationships, future)
  • help the client identify unique ways of dealing with loss, traumas, crises and stress
  • help the client explore their inner truth and change or enrich their narrative
  • bridge contradictions and inner conflicts 
  • create trust, bonding & safe communication between client and therapist
  • be used in individual, couple or group settings 
  • with children, teenagers, adults

This workshop will help you:

​✔ Build a deeper connection with your client
✔ Excel your knowledge on the use of the cards
✔ Learn how to help your clients express their feelings and ideas, especially in hard and confusing times
✔ Learn how to use the exercises with individuals, couples and groups
✔ Explore more on a metaphorical level
✔ Expand your network with other like-minded professionals ​

Working with the cards can start with a simple exercise and elevate to much more complicated exercises which can unravel the stories of your clients.

​This workshop is divided into 4 different parts:
1st part: First Impression - Introduction to the Cards 
You will have the chance to get familiar with the cards, see the pictures, take a moment to think of what you feel when you see them.
Goal: This will help you explain the cards' experience in a more concrete and still personal way to your clients.
2nd part: Single Cards Games
You get introduced to exercises which raise questions to the client concerning their life, their work or their family.
Goal: This will enable to get familiar with the exercises and get more confident in using them in various situations.
3rd part: The Combination
You have the opportunity to see how the cards can get connected and how the story behind them can help the client express their story in a continuum, with a beginning, a middle and an ending.
Goal: This will give you the ability to become more creative with the cards and unlock your client's thoughts and emotions, and at the same time to enable them see the bigger picture of their situation.
4th part: Looking for answers
The participants learn how they can explore deeper in the cards and ask the client to find answers in their story in a metaphorical or in a reality level. 
Goal: After this part you will know how to go deeper and search for more answers together with your client, how to make this experience into a long-lasting one, where you can turn back again to the continuum and reflect upon the progress and the goals achieved. 


Participants of this workshop will have the chance to purchase the cards with 20% discount within two months from the workshop.

Find out more about the Cards here

Life-time access

A few days after the workshop, the recording will be uploaded here in this platform. Those who have purchased a ticket will be able to watch it at their own convenience, even if they can't make it at the day of the event.


During our closing session with a client, I always ask them: "Looking back, which sessions do you remember most?"

They always reply with: 
"The ones with the cards"
Vassia Sarantopoulou, Psychologist - Founder of AntiLoneliness
"As an expressive therapist I find the 'River set' an original and valuable therapeutic tool. 
It enables the client to express, unthreatened, his inner world and the changes he experiences during his life."
"A very good deck of cards, very professional and well designed. I use them a lot with my clients from all ages."
"A superb flexible tool, enabling work from a single card depicting a section of a river, to continuums of cards – with different continuums representing the complete river: past and future, real and imagined."

About the creator of the Cards

The designer of  these innovative therapeutic tools, Gali Salpeter (M.A.), is an Expressive Therapist with specialisation in Drama and Narrative Therapy. Gali worked with children, adolescents and adults having special needs, in various settings around the world.
"I have used decks of projective cards in my sessions throughout the years, but I  kept searching for a way to help my clients  express, observe and work with the many processes they were going through in their lives.  This led me to develop the three sets."

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