AntiLoneliness Academy

Courses and Webinars on Self-Awareness and Self-Growth for Individuals and Mental Health Professionals 

Welcome to the AntiLoneliness Academy!

AntiLoneliness Academy is a platform which offers high-quality psychoeducational courses, trainings and webinars on Mental Well-Being to individuals and mental health professionals. 

Our online courses are fully interactive with videos, presentations, handouts and useful resources, catering for all learning styles while remaining affordable. 

Professionalism, Kindness and Quality are the values that lead our mission. 

Who am I?

I am Vassia Sarantopoulou and I am a Psychologist, Mental Health Ambassador, Founder of AntiLoneliness and AntiLoneliness Academy.
I have been trained in Schema Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), as well as other various techniques and approaches (CBT, CFT, DBT, TA) that I integrate in my courses here.
I love connecting with people through my courses, so feel free to get in touch with me.
Find out more about me here 


“The workshop provided a good grounding understanding on cognitive biases and behaviors that breed perfectionism and then how to address it and improve. Very useful, thank you immensely!”
Robert, 34
“I really liked how I learned about self-sabotage through exercises. Hearing other people’s stories made me aware that it is not “only me”.
Stephanie, 32
"Very informative! So many great take-aways - practical and emotional! 
I would recommend it to anyone feeling they are their worst enemy!"
George, 42
"I would recommend this workshop for all those who suffer from self-doubt, self-criticism and discouragement. It really lifted my spirit and gave me new ways of looking at myself!" 
Annie, 29